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Carflip Trading

Do you want to purchase cars from the Swedish market?

Carflip AB is a Swedish car trading company that specializes in helping companies and individuals to sell their used cars. With Carflip Trading we also offers services that can be helpful for car dealers who are looking to purchase cars in Sweden for export to other countries.

If you are interested in purchasing cars in Sweden for export you can benefit from Carflip's extensive network of contacts within the Swedish automotive industry. We have relationships with many of the top car dealers in Sweden, as well as with individual car owners who are looking to sell their vehicles.

Through our extensive network, we can help you to find the types of cars you are looking for, whether that's high-end luxury vehicles or more budget-friendly options. A single car or a full truck. Carflip will also help negotiate prices with sellers, ensuring that you get the best possible deals on the cars you will purchase.

Carflip Trading can be an invaluable partner when you want to purchase cars in Sweden for export. By leveraging the company's extensive network and expertise, you can streamline the process of finding and purchasing the cars you need, allowing you to focus on growing your businesses and serving your customers.

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